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Trenchless Water Service

Minimally Invasive Pipe Repair

Thanks to modern technology, it’s now possible to repair and replace waterlines with little to no digging or damage to your landscape or hardscapes! Trenchless water line repair is a streamlined, minimally-invasive process that eliminates the large areas of bare soil following a repair and also prevents the addition of construction waste to landfills.


Trenchless Water Line Repair

After a careful inspection of the damaged pipes, we’ll clean the interior of any affected pipes with our hydro-jetting system to remove buildup and corrosion. After preparation, a special epoxy material is introduced into the damaged pipe which will be worked through the damaged areas with specially designed tools. This epoxy-like material can be used for any lines from narrow copper pipes to larger-diameter lines. Once applied, the epoxy will cure for several hours until it hardens, fully restoring the integrity of the pipes to a better-than-new condition.

If you’re experiencing a water leak or drain leak, contact Davis and Sons Plumbing and ask for a Trenchless Water Line repair quote!